Monday, October 13, 2014

People and Vlogging : The 9 Most Important Aspects To Consider For Your First Vlog

 If you’re reading this, and you’re wondering what does it take for you to create your first vlog,  simply trying to get a glimpse on an interesting subject, or ended up here by accident, you’re in the right place.

   My first thought about launching a vlog came to me  a few months ago,  but it’s only recently that I got the nerve to actually do it.  The equipment I currently own,and use for my recordings is:  a Nikon D5100 with two lenses: a 18-50mm and a 50mm 1.8g,  an external microphone Olympus ME15.and a Velbon tripod CX-888.

The 9 aspects you should be considering.

1: Video Quality :

   This is one of the key aspects you should take into consideration. If your viewers can’t see what’s happening on screen, they are more  likely going to click the exit button. My Nikon d5100 function has a great video function.

   It can shoot movies at 1080p resolution, 25 fps, and the quality of the recordings is more than ok. I recommend this camera for all of you guys out there on a budget that are looking for a camera that makes great photographies and video at the same time.
My favourite lense for vlogging is the 50 mm 1.8g, it gives me the extra image quality .

2. Audio Quality:

   The integrated microphone the camera has, is not always going to sound that well, trust me , I’ve tried. It sounds like you’re speaking inside a cave, which is something you don’t want. You want your recording to have the best sound possible so you have to go and get an external microphone.      With as much as 30$ you can get something decent and get ten times the sound quality you’d get if you settled for the internal microphone.

3. Lighting

   Lighting is everything.  My best advice for you guys is to take advantage of the wonderfull natural light our sun kindly gives us every day, position yourself facing the window. That way your face will have little to no shadows. If you’re shooting at night you’re going to need artificial light.If you can’t afford something professional just yet,  I recommend desk lamps, at decent distance from you, so the image doesn’t get overexpose.d

4. Angle Of The Filming

You should position the camera at an angle that suits the message you’re trying to send.
The angles available are:

Low Angle : The camera is looking up at the subject.
Eye –Level : The camera is at the same height as the subject.
High angle : The camera is looking down on the subject.
Bird’s Eye View : The camera is directly over the subject.

Most vloggers use an eye level angling, which I  also used for my first entry , but that doesn’t necessarily have to be your case. You can be creative and use whatever suits your needs and imagination.

5. Practice Makes Perfect

 Practise what you are going to say in front of a mirror. Record yourself and objectively examine the aspects that you think could be better. Don’t discourage yourself if at first your not that great. Nobody was born with their lessons learned.

6. Use A Tripod

If you don’t want to look for objects in the house that meet the height requirement I strongly advise you to invest your money in a tripod . For as much as 40$ you can get a decent tripod for your recording. PS. Make sure you learn how to use the tripod before you put the camera on it, or you might end up crashing your equipment.

7. Find Something Interesting To Say Or Show To Your Audience.

Time flies nowadays and people want to hear/see something that’s worth their while. You can write something down before you go on air, I sure do. Everybody has something interesting to say, i'm sure you have something as well.

8. Learn How To Use Video And Audio Editing Programs

They will be your best friends. If you misspelled a word or forgot to say something, you can shoot that part again, cut it and add it to the previous video.
If you want to add background sound you’re definitely going to need some basic audio editing skills. There are plenty of tutorials on youtube that show you exactly how it’s done. I recommend Adobe Premiere and Adobe Audition.

9. Get Your Right Attitude On!

Your words must match the tone of your voice.Believe what you’re saying and the audience will also.

That's everything i have for today, thanks for reading. Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter so you don't miss anything.

Ok, you're now ready to go viral. Go break a leg, old sport. (Leonardo Di Caprio Impression)

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