Tuesday, September 30, 2014

How i discovered photography and learned to love it...

 I will always remember the day, i had my first encounter with a nikon camera. Sounds like the beginning of a love story and it most definitely is.

       It began as a regular monday morning, and everything seemed to go as usual, but it was far from that, because fate had something else in store for me on that day.

       I was still in my pijamas, i remember i needed to look for something in my sister's bedroom. At first, i didn't notice it, but after a few glances on the computer screen, my eye sight was suddently distracted by an interesting looking box.

       The box had a big title on it : "Coolpix L120 " with an interesting yellow square on the left side with the words "Nikon" on it.

       Of course i've heard about Nikon before, but i have to be honest with you, at the moment, i didn't know jack squat about photography, cameras, or anything else related to the matter. I knew one thing though: It's probably one of the most important things you need to know, if you want to make photography.

       You have to know how to press the shutter button. I know it may sound crazy, but once you  start thinking about it, you know i'm right. The button is the most important key aspect of a camera. You can have the most expensive camera equipment in the whole wide world, but if you don't know how to press the button or it suddently breaks on you and doesn't work anymore, the camera is absolete, at least until you take it to the repair bench.

       So, I knew then how to press the shutter button, and boy oh boy after i've pressed it once, an unbelievable feeling got to me and i knew i never would want to stop doing it for the rest of my life. I didn't think about this, at first, but on a closer look, me describing my experience, sounds really close to making love for the first time.

       I think there can be no better comparison. For me photography is love, because everytime i create something unique with my work, i let more love into the world.
That's what we should all be doing. We should be finding what we love because, in the end, that's what makes us and the world, we live in, better. There's no substitute for love.

      There's something about the shutter sound, the camera makes, that's just magical for me.

       I was 19 years old when this happened, and my greatest thanks go to my lovely sister. If she hadn't had the magnificent idea of purchasing that camera, who knows, when or if i would have discovered photography anymore.

       If i could be born again tommorow, i wish i could do so with a camera in my hands. That's how much i'm hooked into this. 

       Months after that crucial moment i wondered. That was clearly not the first time i touched a camera or made a photograph. Why was that moment decisive?

       There can be numerous reasons i could come up with, but only one comes up to mind right now as the most important one: I've never held a nikon camera before. I know all of you canon fanboys out there are going to ooo me but you shouldn't. I hold as much respect as i do for canon, as i have for nikon. Both camera producing companies have great delivering systems, and i couldn't point out who's better if i wanted to.

       In my opinion, the camera doesn't matter that much, that we should be hunting for the latest gear out there, with the hopes of it helping us to deliver better photography.

       That's really just an excuse photographers use, myself included, to not improve with what we have at hand. " That photographer has better equipment than me, that's why he gets those awesome pics all the time"  Rings a bell? I think we've all been there. 

      Of course if someone knocked on my door, and left me a bag with the latest lenses and camera body, i wouldn't say no. I would probably be awake and shoot like there's no tommorow for  three days in a row. Where was i again?

       The feeling the Nikon L120 gave me, when i first shot with it, was like a lightning bolt just hit me. I've never been shot by a lightning bolt , but i did get electrocuted twice, so i know what i'm talking about.

      The lightning bolt feeling still hits me, every time i pick up my camera. I now have a nikon d5100 with a kit lense(18-55mm) and portrait lense(50mm). Even though i've clearly upgraded , the nikon l120 will always be in my heart. 

      If you guys have had lightning bolt moments in your lifes or have been electrocuted before and lived to tell the tale and want to share that experience with me or simply want to comment on this article , be my guest.








Monday, September 29, 2014

Who am i? - Who are you? - Who are we? - Fundamental questions of life.

        My name is Alexander Cirstea. My family, friends and close ones call me Alex. I would like to think of you, as a friend of mine, so please feel free, to call me by my first name, as 
       The first thought, that came into my mind, was to write with the help of my native language, but my goal, for the long term, is to reach as many people as possible, from all of the different countries our dear planet Earth holds so dear, and since romanian isn't an internationally known language just yet, i had to go with english.
     In case you're wondering who's the mysterious person behind these words, i have to disappoint you. A mystery is a mystery, but if you hang in there, and keep reading, you might just find out something you never knew.
       For that to happen, i will have to take you back to the day of my birth, the summer of 1992, on july the 9th.
      It was thursday, under the sign of Cancer. The word wide web was at its inception phase. The long Cold War between Russia and America had been over for a year now. The communist party from my country had been gone for almost three years.

      Some of the greatest movies, that were ever made, hit the big screen on that year.
 I strongly recommend, if you haven't seen these movies yet, to take time and do it.

       Here i will bring up only a few that made an impression on myself :
Scent of a woman, Batman Returns, Basic Instinct, The Last Of The Mohicans, 3 Ninjas, Chaplin, Of Mice and Men, White Men Can't Jump, A Few Good Men, Home Alone : Lost in New York.

       I can only guess,as a baby, i was eager to come into this world, because i didn't wait  for my 9 months milestone to arrive. On the third week of my eight month, of being in my mother's womb, i decided it was enough.

       I was a big baby, from what my parents tell me, with a modest weight of 4.2 kgs (9.2 lbs) at birth. Seems like i had a big appetite even before i was brought into the world.

       Being born shortly after the fall of the communist party, there weren't that many recording options available at that time for my parents unfortunately. Nowadays we have cellphones with cameras, stand alone professional cameras, basically all the means necessary to record the birth of our children.

       Even though more than one hundred and sixteen years had passed since the worlds first photograph was realised in 1826 France by Nicephore Niepce, my parents didn't have the luck to get such a device at the time. 

       If a golden fish granted me three magical wishes, one of them would most definitely be to go back for 3 seconds at the time and place of my birth, and photograph both my parents holding me in their arms.

       Out of all the photographs i could possibly take, that one i would cherish the most. Luckily, i was born with an abundant source of imagination, and i can see the moment crystal clear in my mind.

       I was the second child my parents had, I have a sister named Mary. She's five years older than me. She recently got married and is happily living with her husband in Germany. Congratulations sis'! I hope they make me an nephew or a niece, as soon as possible.

      When i was little, i used to be jealous on my sister, because she was bigger than me. Becoming an adult was one of my biggest wishes i had during my childhood.

      I remember, one night, i was in my bed looking at my arms and legs and wishing they would grow faster. Little did i know then, that time really flies when you're not looking and that i would grow up sooner than i ever thought.

      A famous Roman poet, Virgilius, once said : "Fugit irreparabile tempus". If i were to translate it, the english version would probably sound like: "Time inevitably runs".

       22 years have passed since the year of my birth, i now have a beautifull girlfriend, a unbelievable passion for life, i'm on the verge of launching my first book : "Past, Present, Future : Think Ahead", the future is reallly starting to look clear.  A few years from now, i will most likely be married to the love of my life, as my parents did before me, as their parents did before them, and so on, and i will give my share to the wonderfull cycle that's called life.

       I launched a question within the title of my article : "Who am I?". I'm afraid the answer is not as easy as the question. Sure, i could write down dozens of pages and tell you what i love, what i like, what i look for in life but that will give you just a small insight on who i am.

       My belief is, this is one of the most important questions, out of the many, that we've been sent here, to find the answer to. Once we find the answer to it,in my humble opinion, all of life's troubles are solved, because life is easy, when you know who you are, and what you want to get out of it.

       I sincerely hope you work hard, and find out who you are, and never give up this sacred quest, you've been given. So...who are you?